Notes from the ‘AWS Global Infrastructure for 2021’ SAA Exam

CERN data center (2010), from Wikipedia’s article on data centers

Traditional Data Centers

Companies used to manage a room full of machines that did their computation. This is called a data center. Having a data center at the company means the company has to manage all of the machines.

Benefits of AWS

With AWS, Amazon manages the data center and customers are able to rent and…

Reexamining faith

I was a disagreeable child. Part of this disagreeableness was my complete rejection of religion. I enjoyed taking on the job of being the most evangelical atheist in Olathe, Kansas. It was a position that suited my love of controversy. …

Use recursively defined components to represent arbitrary content trees

Sidebars from TypeScript Handbook, my site, and Docusaurus V2

Important features for navigation —

  • Representing arbitrary content hierarchies with recursively defined components
  • Making your display friendly for all screen sizes
  • Make navigation state dependent on currently viewed page with features like “Edit this page on GitHub” or highlighting the currently viewed page.

Difficult Design Choices

There are a lot of choices to…

Matthew Caseres

Copyrighting things prevents the community maintenance of knowledge, a good public domain book will be something special. Master’s Student at Georgia Tech

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